Dangerous Foods For Our Furry Friends

Puplife - 10 Foods Not to Feed Your Dog
Puplife - 10 Foods Not to Feed Your Dog

Did you get your very first dog? Sure our pets want to share what we are eating BUT not everything is okay to give them to eat. Here is a list of the most dangerous “people” foods that you should be aware to NOT give to your pet!

These foods can be hazardous his health and sometimes even fatal.

1. Avocados: Avocados can have different degrees of toxic potential, the leaves, fruit, seeds and bark contain a toxic principle called persin. IF your dog or cat gets into this, mild stomach upset may occur. If it should get the pit it can lead to obstruction in the gastrointestinal tract.

2. Bread dough: Raw bread dough when eaten, will expand in the stomach because the yeast has a warm area in which to multiply. Expanding of their stomach may be severe enough to decrease blood flow to the stomach wall, resulting in the death of tissue. It can press on the diaphragm, resulting in breathing difficulty. Or because of the yeast, it produces alcohols that can be absorbed so your pet will become intoxicated. Coma and seizures may occur, along with disorientation, stupor and vomiting and a lack of coordination.

3. Chocolate: The darker the chocolate the worse the intoxication can be. Symptoms of ingesting this are vomiting, increased thirst, abdominal discomfort and restlessness to severe agitation, muscle tremors, irregular heart rhythm, high body temperature, seizures and death. Do NOT share ANY chocolate with your pet.

4. Ethanol (drinking alcohol): A small amount of this substance can cause significant intoxication. Drinking any alcohol may cause vomiting, loss of coordination, disorientation and stupor. In severe cases, coma, seizures and death may occur.

5. Grapes and Raisins: This has been associated with the development of kidney failure in dogs. Dogs that have eaten a grape or raisin toxicosis usually develop vomiting, lethargy or diarrhea within 12 hours of ingestion. Death can occur due to kidney failure within three to four days. Some dogs can eat these without any harm and experience no ill effects, but then later on they become sick. It’s just better to stay safe and avoid feeding grapes or raisins to your dog.

6. Hops: Dogs can become poisoned by this. Dogs will develop an uncontrollably high body temperature (often greater than 108 degrees). This results in damage to and failure of multiple organ systems. Symptoms are they become restless, pant excessively, and may have muscle tremors and seizures.

7. Macadamia Nuts: Dogs that are affected develop weakness in their rear legs, appear to be in pain, may have tremors and may develop a low grade fever. This will gradually subside over 48 hours.

8. Moldy Foods: You won’t eat it so why should the dog? This produces toxins called tremorgenic mycotoxins. The signs begin as fine muscle tremors that progress to very coarse total-body tremors and, finally, convulsions that can lead to death in severe cases.

9. Onions and Garlic: The damage to the red blood cells caused by onions and garlic generally doesn’t become apparent until three to five days after a dog eats these vegetables. Your pet may seem weak or reluctant to move, or they may appear to tire easily after mild exercise. Their urine may be orange-tinged to dark red in color. If severe, blood transfusions may be needed.

10: Xylitol: Found in sugar free gum, as well as in sugar-free baked products. Ingesting this can lead to a rapid and severe drop in blood sugar levels. Dogs may develop disorientation and seizures within 30 minutes of ingesting. Ingesting large amounts of xylitol develop liver failure, which can be fatal.

Just be safe and don’t share this food list with your pet!