Why Dogs Make Us Healthier

Pup Life - Dog's Make Us Healthier
Much research suggests that having pets makes people healthier.

Let’s admit it, dogs are completely enjoyable to have in our homes. They provide companionship, comfort, protection, and even warm our hearts, but doctors and researchers are finding that dogs can be good for your physical, mental, and emotional health as well.

1. Dogs are good for your heart

Studies by the American Heart Association have concluded that having a dog can reduce your risk of heart disease.

2. Dogs help lower blood pressure

Recent research has revealed that petting and verbally communicating with a dog can lower blood pressure.

3. Dogs can help lower stress

Playing with dogs can be therapeutic and help lower stress in people. The University of Missouri-Columbia discovered that hormonal changes can occur when people interact with dogs, which is good for lowering stress and depression.

4. Dogs can help curb anxiety

When people spend time with pets they often find unexpected benefits. Some studies suggest that the unconditional love of a pet can help humans overcome the anxiety they experience in life.

 5. Dogs may increase life-expectancy

There are a host of programs in which pets are used to treat the mentally ill, revitalize the elderly, motivate the handicapped, calm the aggressive, relieve the lonely and give a renewed sense of purpose to the lost.  Studies conclude that having a pet means a longer life.