Hero Pitbull Saves Injured Chihuahua

Inspirational - Joanie & Chachi - Pitbull Saves Chihuahua
Pitbull was found carrying the injured Chihuahua, stopping to lick the infected eye.

Animal control officers were called when someone noticed a Pitbull carrying around an injured Chihuahua in its mouth. When the officers arrived they noticed that the Pitbull seemed to be caring for the Chihuahua, stopping at times to lick its infected eye. Chachi, a long-haired Chihuahua had apparently been injured in its left eye, and Joanie, the white Pitbull-Labrador mix would stop periodically to lick the injury.

The two were taken to the local animal shelter where Chachi was immediately cared for and surgery was done on his eye. Although the vets were unable to save his eye, they did stitch up the wound and take care of the infection. The dogs were picked up July 10th and separated for several days while Chachi recovered. When the dogs were reunited on July 15th the control officers reported the reunion to be heart warming. One Savannah-Chatham Metro Police Official was reported as saying, “There was whining, licking, caressing and cuddling … its not every day that we get to see devotion between two dogs like this.”

Both dogs are now up for adoption and officers are hoping to place them together in one home.

Visit the Atlanta Journal-Constitution for the complete story.