Thinking About a New Puppy?

Training - Dog Behavior Issues
Training - Dog Behavior Issues

When adopting a new puppy, there are training issues that need to be addressed from the beginning.  Although the puppy is undeniably cute, if certain behaviors are not addressed from the beginning, and if alpha dominance is not established by the owner from the beginning, the puppy will grow up with destructive behaviors that will be much harder to break as an adult.  There are very simple solutions to many of these problem behaviors, and if the training starts as soon as the puppy enters the household, many of the presenting problems will not even manifest, since they were addressed the first couple of times that they occurred.

The Issues

There are many different types of dog behavior problems that individuals will go to a trainer to help them address with their dogs.  One of these dog behavior problems is excessive barking.  There are some dogs that seem to have the propensity to bark at every possible noise, person, other dog or animal, and just for the fun of it.  This barking can become annoying to the owner, and also to the neighbors, especially if the individual lives in an apartment or condominium.

Another dog behavior problem is digging in the yard.  This can be a difficult issue to stop once it has started and can cause a lot of damage and even safety issues if it is not corrected.  Digging can not only create holes in the yard, but can destroy gardens and flower beds.  In addition, the dogs will often dig near the circumference of the yard so that the holes inadvertently go beneath the fence, allowing the dog to escape and the possibility of harm to come to the animal.

If there are multiple pets in the home, there can also be a dog behavior problem with food aggression.  There are some dogs that start to protect their food from the other animals, snapping at them or chasing them away from their food dish.  This can be dangerous, as snapping can lead to biting, and if there are small children in the home, the behavior can also be manifested towards them if they are in the vicinity.  There is also dog to dog aggression that can arise between certain dogs, especially if it is two male dogs that are not neutered.

In addition to these aggression problems, there are also dog behavior problems involving a variety of other issues such as separation anxiety, chewing problems, thieving issues, running away and whining.