Ruswarp Defends Master for Weeks

Inspirational - Ruswarp
Ruswarp - This statue was created to honor the man and his faithful dog.

On January 20, 1990 Graham Nuttall unexpectedly died while walking with his dog Ruswarp. When Nuttall failed to return to his home in Lancashire, neighbors were concerned and raised the alarm. For weeks rescuers failed to find any signs of Nuttall no matter how many posters and leaflets they distributed to make people aware of his disappearance. No sightings were ever raised.

On April 7th, David Clarke was on a walk and discovered Nuttall’s body by a mountain stream. Right beside him was his trusty companion, Ruswarp. He stood guard over his master for 11 weeks through rain and snow. The 14-year old dog had grown so weak while watching over his master that he had to be carried down from the mountain.

Although Ruswarp was given care by a local vet, he died shortly after the funeral of his master. An eyewitness gives this account, “The elderly couple who had Ruswarp in their care sat at the front and, as ever on public occasions, Ruswarp sat patiently and slilently throughout the service, but as the curtains closed on the coffin there was a long low muffled howl. It was uncanny, Ruswarp’s farewell. I shall never forget this…”

Before Nuttall’s passing he played a significant role in saving the local railway line. Today a statue of Ruswarp stands to honor Nuttall’s efforts for the railway, and Ruswarp’s faithfulness to his master.