Beagle Mix … Miss Personality

Stories - Beagle Mix - Lola
Stories - Beagle Mix - Lola

Lola, our beagle mix, has SO much personality. She is constantly on watch for any intruders (i.e. birds and squirrels) in the back yard and boy, does she take her job seriously!

She gets just as grumpy as I do when she’s tired. She likes to groan out of disapproval if you try to move her while she’s sleeping but she loves being picked up and carried. If she was a person, my family and I decided she’d be that woman who owns a Harley Davidson motorcycle and challenges people to do tequila shot-for-shot with her at the local dive bar.

She barks LOUDLY and OFTEN. But hey, dogs bark. It’s what they do. She is hilarious and constantly entertaining us with her quirks. If you like quiet dogs, don’t go for this little troublemaker. But for a family with older kids who needs a little more entertainment and excitement, I would say this is the kind of dog for you.