Black and Yellow Fuzz Balls

Stories - Black & Yellow Labs
Stories - Black & Yellow Labs

People talk about cat fights, but my goodness can dogs have attitude! Imagine a little black fuzzball going head to head to a large, yellow, and equally fuzzy ball of love. Now imagine a battle royale between the two and you’ve got a standard day at our house.

They whiz by us in the living room and bark endlessly until they hear some unknown (or possibly nonexistent) sound from the backyard and they freeze. Just stand there. …Then they get back to sassing each other. The tinier of the pair sticks her entire hindquarters into the side of our bigger dog, shoving her down for a second. We’ve got some regular MBA players on our hands-Air Bud style.

These pups can box each other out like it’s the winning point and the game is on the line. And the teeth! Talk about attitude. They bare these suckers like big goofy smiles as they chase each other all over the house, yard, sofa, me, stairs, me again. But we love them. They are shedding, drooling, barking bundles of joy and god help us, we love every single minute of their antics. We also try not to get run over during their epic battles. I guess that’s the price you pay for having four-legged friends!