New Part of the Family

Stories - Mixed - Bryce
Stories - Mixed - Bryce

I love our newest dog. We got our little Bryce as a rescue from an abandoned house. We really don’t know her back story other than her original owners had to leave her behind for some reason. She had so much attitude when we first got her-she was snippy with our other dog and didn’t trust us initially.

We were a bit uneasy but we decided that she was our little adopted family member and she needed an adjustment period. That turned out to be so true. She still has so much personality but now that she sees that we are taking care of her and treating her like part of the family, she simply adores us! My favorite part of getting up in the morning now is going downstairs, calling her name, and having her get so excited about seeing me that she’ll run in circles and bark with joy. I think that’s called love.