Sandy the Loyal Lab

Stories - Yellow Lab - Lola
Stories - Yellow Lab - Lola

I love my yellow Lab, Sandy. She is the sweetest dog. If she was a person, she’d be like that best friend from your childhood, full of life, constantly smiling, and as playful as they come. She is adorable and loves to be loved.

She needs lots of attention and has grown particularly attached to my mom. She follows her everywhere; bathroom for showers, garden to “help” with weeding, and of course to the puppy park for play dates. Sandy is a terrific companion.

Other owners of yellow Labs that I’ve talked to find that the main personality traits of this type of dog include friendly, loving, and loyal. If you’ve ever seen the (wonderful) cartoon movie “Up”, the dog in that film is a yellow Lab and he is SO much like my Sandy. But really, she makes us her whole world so I’m not surprised she would feel that way!

I’d say this breed is great for someone who might be a little lonely (my mom suffered “empty nest syndrome” when I left for college and before we got Sandy) or any family with children because this is a dog that needs to play and be kept active!