How Dogs Make Us Healthy

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How Dogs Make us Healthy

Upon seeing a dog on television, in a picture or at a park, they tend to elicit a similar response in people, which usually takes the form of an expression of how adorable the dog is. Some people may put their hand over their heart and get a warm and fuzzy feeling inside. As the saying goes, “Dogs are a man’s best friend,” but it is not just because they keep people company. Dogs are considered our best friend because they offer many benefits that can keep a person healthier and feeling well; which according to WebMD, is confirmed by 25 years of research. Some of the main health benefits of dogs include:


There is a common belief that dogs cause allergic reactions because of the dirt and shedding hair they generate. However, the opposite is proving to be true. Children who grow up with dogs are less immune to certain allergens because they have a stronger immune system. Their immune system is stronger because they were exposed to the allergen from the dog at a young age; which leads to being healthier adult than those who grew up without dogs.


Dogs are social magnets. Their owners are regularly asked about the breed, name, age, and more; and are great for shy people. These ice breaking questions leads to social interactions, so dogs are not only our best friends, but they can help us make friends and good friendships have many proven health benefits of their own.

Better State of Mind

With work and the constant stream of information, life can get overwhelming and stressful. This kind of stress leads to a host of diseases such as hypertension or heart disease. Dogs help people de-stress and feel good by releasing chemicals in the brain like serotonin and dopamine, which have to do with pleasure and calming properties. In the long run, these chemical reactions reduce stress and anxiety, which in turn can help reduce the risk of dangerous diseases. It turns out our fuzzy friends are their own happy pill.

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